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Ironically, the need for critical illness insurance came about because people are living longer, even with serious diseases. But it also means people have more medical expenses that can deplete their health insurance and personal savings. Critical illness insurance helps pay for uncovered medical bills and household bills. It can even provide capital to start a new home-based business.

When a serious illness strikes it can have a devastating impact on almost every area of your life. Many incidents are impossible to protect ourselves against, but making provisions for financial implications is something we could all do.

An increasing number of people across the world are being affected by diseases that not only cost a lot in treatment, but also leave patients incapable of retaining their jobs and has a dramatic effect on their income sources.

While having a life cover is vital for your family’s safety, it is even more important to protect your savings and future income in the event that a debilitating disease strikes. If you have not made adequate provisions, surviving a potentially fatal disease could be very stressful, draining your savings while increasing expenses at a time when your income stops.

Types of Critical illnesses that are covered under this scheme:

  Heart Attack Benign Brain Tumor
  Coronary Artery Disease Surgery Heart Valve Replacement or Repair
  Cancer Motor Neuron disease
  Stroke Parkinson’s disease
  Renal Failure Third Degree Burn
  Major Organ Transplant Alzheimer’s Disease
  Multiple Sclerosis Aortic Graft Surgery
  Any other terminal disease  


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